Posted by: Lauren | August 10, 2016

Tea in the Netherlands and Belgium

This post is almost a year late… but better late than never?

Last year I visited Holland and Belgium, and obviously some tea shops… I’m going to share a few of my favourites.

One of my favourite cities that I visited while in the Netherlands was Haarlem, where I discovered probably the best tea shop I have ever been to. The shop is called The Art of … Tea, Herbs and Spices. I was in heaven. It was hard to choose what to buy, but one of my favourites I picked up is Het Palet van Rembrandt – a green rooibos.


Look at all that tea! HEAVEN!

The Tea Bar was also a fun find. I learned this shop uses some of the same tea suppliers as David’s Tea… just a little further away!

Another favourite was Four Leaves. This was a great spot for a rest after a long bike ride in Amsterdam. I love the Carpe Diem rooibos blend I picked up there.


A lovely spot… especially after an exhausting bike ride

I didn’t stop there though….Simon Lévelt was a great chain I found. I’m a huge fan of the Honeybush Mango Lemon.

Wait… there’s more. ‘t Zonnetje was another great one in Amsterdam. This tea shop is in a building from the 17th century and has some great charm. The guy in the shop was great to talk to. Very cool!

Oh but there’s still more… judging me yet?

In the Hague I discovered Wijs & Zonen, yet another charming tea shop. My favourite from there was a green tea called Hemels.

I haven’t even gotten to Belgium yet…

In Brussels I visited Palais Des Thes, a favourite of mine after discovering it in Paris a few years back. Thé des Alizés is awesome – a peach flavoured green tea.

I also stumbled across  Betjeman & Barton another Paris company. I do believe I visited the location in the Hague, but there are locations worldwide, including Belgium as well.

My next stop is Spain, so if anyone knows any teashops there, I will be happy to investigate…

Until then I better make some room for new teas!

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