Posted by: Lauren | September 3, 2013

Some new teas!

For my birthday, two of my friends picked me up some lovely tea at the Evergreen Brick Works market in Toronto. The packaging and tea itself is so pretty that it was almost too nice to steep (almost). Look how lovely it looks!


The Tea Party herbal blend is particularly lovely and mellow (this is the type in the mug). This one is made of sumac, red clover and elder flowers. Check out Honey Pie Hives and Herbals for a full selection of teas and the other neat products sold by the company, such as soap, lip balm and lotions.

I also got some Lychee Oolong from Ten Ren Tea and it is SO good! It’s a beautiful oolong with the delicious flavour of lychee and flower. This is a great flavour enhancement for an oolong, which I highly recommend.



Posted by: Lauren | June 13, 2013

Hong Kong Milk Tea

David’s Tea recently posted a recipe for Hong Kong Milk Tea. I tried making it at home and it’s absolutely amazing!


I didn’t have any of the black tea in the recipe, but I tried it with one of my own plain black teas and it still came out great. It’s a perfect dessert tea and super refreshing and deliciously sweet. I highly recommend trying it out. Next time I pick up some condensed milk I may just try it out with some flavoured black tea!

Posted by: Lauren | May 7, 2013

Fun with Water!

With spring in full bloom, I’ve been experimenting with different herbal water infusions.


My new favourite is mint leaves and cinnamon sticks. It’s so easy – all you have to do is boil water and add the mint and cinnamon. I like to add it right to the mug I’m drinking out of, but it’s also good to let it sit in a teapot for a while. It’s also yummy cold, with some added lemon too!


I’ve also been making a lot of iced. So easy, and so delicious on a warm day. Any tea will do, simply double the strength and add ice, or make normal and cool for later. I also will sometimes sweeten it with a bit of agave. Peach rooibos and berry green tea are some of my favourite flavours for iced tea.


Happy spring!!

Posted by: Lauren | April 23, 2013

Kale Matcha Smoothies

Since getting a new blender, I have been trying out a whole bunch of smoothie recipes. I have finally found my favourite type of smoothie – and it is green! The thought of putting kale in your drink may sound gross, but the kale picks up the flavour of whatever you blend it with, leaving the healthy benefits of kale along with the flavour of your choice.

My smoothies have looked like this:

– kale (about two leaves, the stems get thrown in too and blend nicely)
– matcha (about a teaspoon)
– greek yogurt (about 1/4 cup – optional)
– juice (any fruit juice will do, it helps cut the flavour of the kale – also optional depending on how liquidy you like your smoothie)
– fruit – I have tried pear, pineapple, navel orange, blood orange, strawberries and blueberries. Pineapple is my favourite, followed closely by pear – the sweetness of the fruits stand up wonderfully next to the kale

I’m clearly not following a rigid recipe here to create my green power smoothies, but I definitely recommend trying your own version of a kale smoothie! I have also tried spinach, which I did not care for, I find it is much too powerful in taste for a beverage.

Let me know if you discover a good combination! Happy blending!


Posted by: Lauren | April 15, 2013

Butter Nut Spice from tea and all its splendour

This weekend, I tried some Butter Nut Spice tea from tea and all its splendour. This is a black tea with pistachios, cumin, sliced almonds, coriander, pink peppercorns and flavouring. I was hesitant to try this tea as it smells like a mix of the spices I use for cooking, and definitely smells like some delicious butter chicken. But I gave it a shot, and I was actually impressed. It was strange to get used to because it is so full of spices – and these aren’t the usual spices you’d find in chai tea. It’s less spicy, but has a very strong taste.

If you’re looking for something extremely different, this is a fun tea to try. But beware, it definitely doesn’t taste like your typical tea! Next time I try this tea I’d like to brew it up and use it in some cooking.

Posted by: Lauren | February 8, 2013

My New Favourite Black Tea

At the Toronto Tea Festival I stumbled across the Basilur Tea booth. Their tea was very reasonably priced, and packaged in beautiful tins, so I figured I had to give it a try!

I’m not usually a fan of black tea, but after smelling the most delicious blend, I couldn’t resist. Winter Tea from the Four Seasons collection, an exclusive premium ceylon tea, features the beautiful flavours of cranberry. The cranberry stands on its own against the black tea and tastes delicious in the combination. Check out this wonderful tea at Basilur. I also picked up some Milk Oolong, one of my favourite tea flavours, that I am excited to try.


Posted by: Lauren | February 5, 2013

Toronto Tea Festival

On Saturday, February 2 (aka Groundhog Day – yay early spring!), I had the pleasure of attending the Toronto Tea Festival. And, in a nutshell, it was awesome!

I bought way too much tea (as per usual), and learned some new interesting things about tea! I listened to two talks: one on mixology (with Dan Johanis from Herbal Infusions Tea Co and Trevor Burnett from Tipicular Fixin’s) and one on cooking with tea (with Raelene Gannon from Tea and all its Splendour). I learned some new recipes in each, and look forward to reviewing them once I try them for myself!

I picked up some lip balm infused with green tea from Bare English & Co. I bought the Vanilla Coconut flavour and it’s wonderful! Check out the company at, they ship from here as well.

Lip balms!

I also discovered T by Daniel, where I purchased the flavoured black tea Trina’s Tiramisu. And boy is it amazing. Usually I’m not a fan of black flavoured teas since I never get much of the additional flavour in the blends. But I sure did from this one! I will definitely need to pick up more of this delicious blend once I finish it.

Trina’s Tiramisu

Stay tuned for more tea reviews from the Tea Festival!


Posted by: Lauren | February 1, 2013

Beer Enhancers for Tea

This is so cool! Check out these Beer Enhancers offered by Capital Teas. The website describes them as follows: “Beer + Tea? Just try it. Enhance the flavor and character of any beer with our innovative, beer-enhancing tea sachets. Your beer will be sweeter, creamier, loaded with antioxidants, less filling, and with a touch of caffeine (with some varieties). Available in 10 flavors, each in a convenient 6-Pack foil bag, to preserve freshness.”

Such a neat way to mix up tea drinking. And just in time for the Super Bowl! Have you ever tried beer with tea, or would you be willing to?

Posted by: Lauren | January 23, 2013

Fun things in the world of tea

January is National Hot Tea month and I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of social media surrounding tea and resolutions for the new year. I agree that tea is a great way to start the year off right with a great health kick. I’ve also come across some fun other ways to get a tea fix. Check out some of these neat things I’ve stumbled across recently.

My mom picked up a teacup puzzle, which was really fun to work on (and a challenge!). Coincidentally my friend Amber over at Words Become Superfluous was working on the same puzzle at the same time.

Teacup puzzle!

And, check out these teacup cupcake molds I came across at the National Gallery gift shop in Ottawa, ON. So cute! Can’t wait to buy these and try them out for myself. The bonus is they’re reusable, but only 3 people can be invited to the tea party I have when I make them! (Both products are available on Amazon).


And of course, next week is the Toronto Tea Festival, which I’m extremely excited about. A festival I can finally (and conveniently) get to. I can’t wait to hear the awesome talks that are scheduled, especially the ones on cocktail mixology and cooking, and to try out some new teas!

A little late, but happy 2013 everyone! Here’s to another year in the wonderful world of tea!

Posted by: Lauren | November 22, 2012

The Grove

I had the pleasure of visiting my cousin in Los Angeles this summer (making this a super delayed post). During my trip, I had to find tea, obviously, and we ended up at The Grove Farmer’s Market. I was prompted in remembering this lovely outing after watching this week’s episode of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption on the Food Network. They took photos at the Market during the beginning of the episode. Yep, that happened. Aren’t all tea addicts TV addicts too? Or is that just me.

At the market, I found a delightful booth selling all sorts of loose leaf tea, and the prices were pretty fair too! You can check out some reviews on Steepster (the tea shop itself doesn’t have the best website).

I picked up a few teas, including some matcha at a reasonable price, compared to other tea shops, and some deliciously sweet pomegranate white tea. Of particular note was the Key West green rooibos. Unfortunately, I don’t have a list of ingredients (they don’t have fancy packaging, which is probably one of the reasons I found their tea to be ‘cheap’ in comparison to others). It’s a sweet green rooibos herbal blend, but not overly sweet like many others I have tried – it’s a perfect blend making the rooibos a perfect amount of sweet.

So if you’re in LA (I’m already jealous cause you still have warm weather), check out the tea booth and see what you can find!


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