Posted by: Lauren | August 10, 2015

Great Tea from The Chai Palace

I was recently sent some teas from The Chai Palace, an online tea store, to sample and they were all fantastic! Blends are based on family recipes and are craft-blended in small batches. Currently, The Chai Palace is shipping across Canada with plans to start shipping in the United States.

First, I have to mention how beautifully these teas came packaged to me. It’s all in the details, and I definitely love these ones.


2015-07-30 17.34.03

The Jasmine Green Tea was great. The recommended steeping time was 3 – 5 minutes, though I do recommend steeping around 3 to avoid it becoming too bitter. I love how the jasmine in this tea isn’t overpowering, and balances the green tea perfectly.

2015-08-04 14.14.46

The Classic Chamomile Tea was my favourite. The ingredients include lemongrass, chamomile, orange peel and peppermint. As someone who doesn’t normally drink chamomile, the flavour of this tea was a welcomed surprise. The first word I thought of after my sip was “buttery”. The smooth, deliciousness of this tea is great – and I highly recommend it. The flavours come together to create the perfect blend – with the chamomile making it a fantastic calming cup of tea. Don’t let the term “classic” fool you – this is definitely a unique chamomile blend that’s worthy to belong in all tea collections.

The Lemon Mint Chai is also a great blend – how can you go wrong with two types of mint. A mix of green tea, peppermint, spearmint and lemon peel, Lemon Mint Chai proves to be a delicious green tea. I’ve always loved minty teas, and the lemon peel in the blend is a great way to emphasize the flavour of the mint. This will for sure be one of my new go to minty flavoured blends.

2015-08-10 14.13.16Overall, the three teas that I sampled were amazing. I highly recommend giving The Chai Palace a chance and sampling some of these teas for yourself. Definitely pick up some Classic Chamomile Tea!

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