Posted by: Lauren | October 29, 2014

Bella Sabatina Tea Shoppe

I recently discovered a new(ish) tea shop in Toronto called Bella Sabatina Tea Shoppe located near Avenue and Lawrence. It’s a fun little shop, and I picked up a couple new teas… of course.

The site reads: “Bella Sabatina Tea Shoppe represents a new concept in the pleasurable tea experience bringing you hand picked teas from the best companies all in one beautiful upscale location.” Based on the two I picked up, I would defiitely agree that the teas are great.

I am absolutely loving the Lychee Peach black tea from Bella Sabatina. This tea is definitely up there as one of my favourites in my tea collection now.


The Cinnamon Plum herbal is also great – and super cinnamony, perfect for fall.


Check out the shop if you are in the neighbourhood. Some of the teas cost a bit more than I typically spend, though the ones I picked up were in a fair range. Overall, a good selection, though as a flavoured herbal fan I would have liked to have seen more rooibos and mate varieties.

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