Posted by: Lauren | May 7, 2013

Fun with Water!

With spring in full bloom, I’ve been experimenting with different herbal water infusions.


My new favourite is mint leaves and cinnamon sticks. It’s so easy – all you have to do is boil water and add the mint and cinnamon. I like to add it right to the mug I’m drinking out of, but it’s also good to let it sit in a teapot for a while. It’s also yummy cold, with some added lemon too!


I’ve also been making a lot of iced. So easy, and so delicious on a warm day. Any tea will do, simply double the strength and add ice, or make normal and cool for later. I also will sometimes sweeten it with a bit of agave. Peach rooibos and berry green tea are some of my favourite flavours for iced tea.


Happy spring!!

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