Posted by: Lauren | September 27, 2012

Pumpkin Chai Cupcakes!

It’s fall again (obviously)… but not so obviously, that means Pumpkin Chai is back at David’s Tea! As some of you may recall from last year, I blogged about how amazing this tea is (especially as a latte).

This year, I received a David’s Tea newsletter with a Pumpkin Chai Cupcake recipe. It’s rare I ever have enough of anything to bake a recipe like this, so I figured since I did this time around it was a sign that these cupcakes were meant to be made!

And they were great! I will admit to leaving the cloves out (not a fan), and switching buttercream icing for chocolate (which ended up working out quite well with the pumpkin flavour). I thought the recipe was great! I wasn’t sure how much flavour from the tea would come out, and thought the cupcakes might taste more like vanilla. But, the flavour was quite strong, and I was pleasantly surprised on how well steeping Pumpkin Chai worked for these cupcakes. I got 10 cupcakes out of the recipe – but if you’re a fan of huge cupcakes you may fine you get less.

A big fan of fall, or trying to learn how to make the most of fall (like I do)? Try out this recipe to enjoy the fantastic flavours of fall! (Whoa, alliteration, that happened!)



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