Posted by: Lauren | September 13, 2012

Mono Teapot

I got a new teapot… and it’s awesome! For my birthday, my dad picked me up a lovely Mono teapot from the Argo Tea store in Chicago. What’s so great about the fact that I got a new teapot (besides it being awesome, of course)? Well, the infuser is HUGE. Water, meet tea leaves.



The pot is not only beautiful, but it works great. The entire pot of water gets infused along with the tea leaves, resulting in a delicious tasting cup of tea. The tea actually has room to move around, as opposed to some of the little tea balls that are on the market. If you’re interested, check out the pot here. If you’re in the United States, check it out on Argo Tea’s site. It’s what they use in their stores to brew the perfect cup of tea.

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