Posted by: Lauren | June 12, 2012

Laura Childs’ Death By Darjeeling

Love tea and love to read? I have discovered tea shop murder mysteries! I just finished reading Laura Childs’ 1st tea shop murder mystery novel Death By Darjeeling.  As described on Childs’ website:

“Ordinarily, Charleston’s Indigo Tea Shop is an oasis of calm.  But when tea shop owner, Theodosia Browning, caters the annual Lamplighter Tour of historic homes, one of the patrons turns up dead.  Never mind that it’s Hughes Barron, a slightly scurrilous real estate developer.  Theodosia’s reputation is suddenly on the line.  Aided by her friends and fellow tea shop entrepreneurs, Theo sets about to unravel the mystery of the deadly Darjeeling and encounters a number of likely suspects.  Tanner Joseph, the fiery environmentalist, held a grudge against the developer for his misuse of land.  Timothy Neville, the octogenarian major domo for the Heritage Society, opposed Hughes Barron’s election to the board.  And Barron’s unsavory partner might very well profit from a cleverly written buy-sell agreement!”

It was a really fun read! I highly recommend checking out the tea shop series if you’re into books and tea! The plot ties nicely into the happenings at the fictional “Indigo Tea Shop”, and you’ll enjoy learning more about tea while trying to figure out who the murderer is! There are a lot more tea mysteries in the series, and I’m looking forward to reading some more mysteries over a cup of tea!

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