Posted by: Lauren | April 2, 2012

Birthday Cake at David’s Tea

I visited David’s Tea yesterday with the sole purpose of picking up some of the much anticipated Birthday Cake flavoured tisane. (Though I did walk away with some Jolly Jellybean as well). Needless to say – I was not disappointed, this is one of the best flavoured rooibos, or any type of tea/tisane for that matter, that I have ever had. David’s Tea was offering samples of Birthday Cake yesterday in the store, and the store smelled like the candles on a cake had just been blown out. It was fabulous. I sampled the tea, and it was delicious, and bought some (well, a lot) to take home. I went home and proceeded to drink 4 cups of it – it’s just that good.

So what’s in it? Rooibos, honeybush, green rooibos, freeze-dried ice cream bits, whey, cocoa, sprinkles natural/artificial flavoring. Boy did they get that flavouring bang on! I’m also a sucker for roobios, honeybush, and green rooibos, so this tea was right up my alley. Yes, it was a tad sweet, but I do enjoy sweet teas – especially in the form of rooibos!  So skip that piece of cake after dinner, and skip right over to this healthy version of the delicious dessert! In the words of David’s Tea: What’s the best thing about birthdays? It could be the presents, or spending time with loved ones, but let’s be honest. It’s all about the cake. With vanilla icing, and lots of sprinkles. And this sweet and festive rooibos blend brings the taste of birthday cake to your cup any day of the year – sprinkles and all. Best of all, not only is it low in calories, it also has all the goodness of rooibos. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.


  1. yay for cake teas! I like the ice cream cake iced with frothed soy milk… mmmm

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