Posted by: Lauren | January 18, 2012

Food Network Magazine & Tea

One of my new obsessions is the Food Network. Yes, this is quite recent for me. I recently picked up the Jan/Feb edition of the Food Network magazine, and to my luck I found a tea calendar inside! A calendar is included for January and February. The January edition is a month of coffee, and February is a month of tea! Throughout, there are fun recipes to try during the month – including special recipes for Valentine’s Day, the Superbowl, and the Oscars.

One recipe, which is housed on the Food Network website, is for cupcakes with Earl Grey Icing. Click here to check out the recipe and see if it will help you overcome the winter blues. What could possibly go wrong with tea and baked goods!? Enjoy!


  1. Interesting. Never thought to make tea flavored frosting. Love the food network!

  2. Let us know how they taste!

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