Posted by: Lauren | December 22, 2011


I visited a new teashop (well, new for me anyways), last week called Tealish. The shop is located on Queen St W in Toronto, and is really great! The tea smells delicious, and the staff is really helpful. The tea list and prices are offered in a menu style, which adds to the affect of the store. I picked up some Fairy Dust Rooibos and T.L.C. Tea Loves Coffee (black tea). Both are very flavourful and delicious. The yogurt granules in the black tea stand out quite nice against the back drop of the coffee bits. Sweetie Pie Rooibos is also quite delicious, and tastes like a hot cup of amaretto!

If you ever find yourself out on Queen St W, definitely check out Tealish. Or visit them online for some virtual shopping. Tealish offers a great selection of teas, so see for yourself!

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