Posted by: Lauren | September 12, 2011

David’s Tea: Pumpkin Chai

It’s almost fall… which means the decadent flavours of fall are also back! Pumpkin Chai is back at David’s Tea and it’s absolutely scrumptious. The tea consists of a mixture of black tea, caramel bits, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, pumpkin candies, and pumpkin bits, and it’s fabulous. Chai is one of the few tea flavours that I actually dislike, but in the case of Pumpkin Chai, it’s amazing! The tea is more sweet than spicy, so if you approach chai with apprehension, such as myself, you may be able to handle this tea.

This tea is great in different forms. I tried it plain first, and it was wonderful. The aroma of fall steeps right out of this tea.

I also made a Pumpkin Chai latte with the tea, which I highly recommend trying! (With this tea, or any others similar in flavour).

To create the latte, I followed these steps:

1. Steep half a cup of the tea in water – I put in 2 TSP to make sure it was extra strong.

2. Froth milk (I used almond milk, but anything goes!). Any type of frother will do, one of these cheap gadgets from ikea would come in quite handy. If you’re using one that doesn’t heat the milk up, such as the one from Ikea, you’ll need to heat the milk on the stove before frothing. The one I use is electrical and heats the milk up while frothing. Your local kitchen store should have something for you to use.

3. Pour in half of the frothed milk into the tea and stir. Now’s also the time to add sweetener if desired – I added a touch of vanilla to create a sweeter mixture.

4. Pour the rest of the frothed milk over the tea mixture, and your drink is ready to enjoy! (I added some chocolate syrup to the top for decoration, as per the below picture).

Get some Pumpkin Chai tea before it’s gone, and see how great it is for yourself!


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