Posted by: Lauren | June 14, 2011

Father’s Day is Sunday!

Are you prepared? Father’s Day is this Sunday – June 19th. Guess what, dads love tea too!

Need some gift ideas? Here are some to get your started.

David’s Tea has some great options. Check out the gift set that’s being marketed towards dads – The Tea Aficionado. David’s describes the set as: “You enjoy the finer things in life. Dark chocolate. Good cigars. Fine old scotch. And these teas. We have assembled five of our finest teas to satisfy your inner connoisseur: Whisky White (15g), Assam Banaspaty (12g), Earl Grey (10g), Toasted Walnut (12g), and Buttered Rum (8g). Slip on your smoking jacket, put your feet up, and savour every exceptional sip. You know you deserve the best.”

If your dad is new to tea, introduce him slowly to loose leaf. Try some earl grey or unflavoured black tea – staples he’s used to from tea bags. Don’t forget to get an infuser to go with it.

Or how about a fun starter kit from Adagio. Check out IngenuiTEA with the black tea sampler kit. The tea making gadget is sure to be something any dad would love!

Happy shopping everyone! And dads, if you don’t get tea for father’s day, no reason why you can’t treat yourself!

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