Posted by: Lauren | May 27, 2011

Movie Night… tea!

It’s Friday, and many tea lovers are probably heading out to the movies or curling up on the couch to watch a flick.

Love popcorn, but trying to cut back on the calories? Or simply looking for a new way to enjoy tea at the movies? Here’s your chance with Movie Night tea from David’s Tea!

This flavoured green tea is CRAZY. I couldn’t resist picking up a bag of Movie Night after smelling it at David’s Tea. At first I grabbed it for the novelty – how could I resist buying a tea that smells EXACTLY like buttered popcorn. I wasn’t sure how the flavour would come out in terms of taste, but it definitely had me at the smell.

The taste was just as wonderful as the smell. It really does taste like buttered popcorn, with hints of sweet notes from the apple and maple flavoring in the blend. Yes, it sounds strange, and if you smell it, you’d probably think the same. But, it really does work as a tea! You get the guilt free taste of popcorn in the form of a delicious tea!

If you’re a green tea lover, you probably won’t notice the flavour of the green tea in the blend – the flavour is very overpowering from the apple and popcorn bits. However, those great health benefits of green tea are still in there, for much fewer calories than the tons you’d get in a bag of popcorn at the movies. (As comparison to the few, if any, calories in the tea – the popcorn at Cineplex theatres in the States goes for 480 calories for the small, 780 for regular and a grand total of 1120 for the large. Add butter or margarine onto that and you’re looking to add about 200+ calories depending on how crazy you go at the pump).

I definitely recommend this tea for those looking for something new and exciting to try. A worthwhile step away from the normal!

A special shout out to my friend over at Gumball Crayola for inspiring my post. Check out her awesome blog, and see how she’s hooked on David’s Tea too!

What are you waiting for? Grab a cup of Movie Night and start watching your favourite film!

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