Posted by: Lauren | April 20, 2011

Black tea with Mint

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently went travelling through Paris, Egypt and Turkey, and arrived back home this past Sunday. I promised some updates on my tea experiences while abroad, which brings me to black to with mint!

In Egypt, it’s a common practice to add fresh mint to black tea – and it’s amazing. Basically, you get a cup of black loose tea with fresh mint leaves placed right into the tea. In some places, if you ask for tea, mint is automatically added, and if you don’t want it you have to make a special request.

I’m sure most of you have had peppermint tea of some sort, or even mint black tea, but using fresh mint makes such a difference. You get to enjoy the delicious black tea, and then have the added bonus of fresh mint leaves. The smell is great, and the flavour is even better.

This would make a great concoction if you’re suffering from a cold as well.

Try it yourself – brew some loose black tea and add some mint tea into it! I like to keep the leaves in so it gets mintier while drinking, but up to you if you want to take it out after the flavour gets mixed in. Sugar can be added as well, but personally I think the mint is enough flavour as it is.

The tea and coffee houses in Egypt were everywhere and were always busy! Such a great experience.


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