Posted by: Lauren | January 19, 2011

Pu’ehr and Probiotics

I just discovered that pu’ehr (pronounced pooh-air) has probiotics in it! This is something that I should have figured out long before now since this tea is actually processed by fermentation. These beneficial bacteria, which are also found in foods such as yogurt, are extremely healthy. The digestive enzymes found within probiotics help with indigestion, heartburn and other stomach issues by aiding in the breakdown of fats.

If you don’t know much about pu’ehr, basically, this tea is the only one that actually improves with age. Some aged pu’ehrs are sold for thousands of dollars (although, you can find some for a much more reasonable price at your local tea shop)! It is rich in antioxidants, and has a medium amount of caffeine. Pu’ehr has an extremely earthy taste to it.

This tea is known to aid in weight loss, digestion, and it helps to lower cholesterol. It also aids in blood cleansing, removing toxins from the body. Often, pu’ehr is served in restaurants that serve fatty foods to help with digestion (think: American greasy Chinese food restaurants). See more information on the tea here.

As a result of the earthy, almost dirt-like flavours of the tea, pu’ehr can be seen as an acquired taste – similar to certain types of wines. If you’re not a fan of the idea of tea tasting like the earth, you can get some that have sweet flavours added.

I tried a fantastic tea this morning from David’s Tea called Cinnamon Heart. This is a great blend with pu’ehr in it. It masks the earthy flavours of pu’ehr with the combination of flavours and black tea, but it’s still fantastic way to steep the benefits of pu’ehr.


  1. Good blog!
    Fantastic news about probiotics and Puehr! I also figured this might be the case —
    Puehr is an acquired taste but once you acquire it…that’s it! I am especially fond of Puehr sold by Teaism in Washington DC and always pick up some of their individually wrapped pressed balls.

  2. Thank you! I completely agree, it was a difficult start, but I absolutely love it now!

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