Posted by: Lauren | January 18, 2011

Happy Hot Tea Month!

I just found out it’s National Hot Tea Month! That means… drink even more tea than usual!

Some ideas to get you started…

Make a tea latte! Easily done by steeping your favourite tea in hot milk (frothing helps and so does a little bit of sugar).

Surprise a friend with the gift of tea!

Try a type of tea or tisane that you have never tried before, like rooibos, matcha or yerba mate.

Replace coffee with pu’ehr or roasted mate.

Play around to create your own tea recipe, and share with me of course!

Get through the winter blues by creating a MarTEAni! See Drinks Mixer for plenty of recipes, here’s a green tea one to get you started: Green Tee This

Pretend it’s summer and make iced tea by doubling the amount of tea that you normally use (steep normally and pour over ice).

Be sure to check out Steeped in Tea for plenty of info about tea!

Stay warm and healthy this winter with a great cuppa tea!! Happy Hot Tea Month!

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