Posted by: Lauren | December 23, 2009

Yoga & Tea

I’ve recently gotten into yoga, and I find my day somewhat incomplete if I don’t do at least add in some yoga stretches. I’ve realized there’s a world of comparisons between yoga and drinking tea. Both activities are meant to be calming, healthy, cultural practices; setting us apart from the chaos that life brings us on a daily basis. More and more yoga/tea shops are popping up, showing the unique relation that brings yoga and tea together.

Since introducing yoga and tea into my lifestyle, I’ve felt better and have been all in all healthier as well. Taking that extra time during the day to enjoy aspects of life for oneself is a great way to escape from societal pressures.

Yogi Tea is one fascinating company that combines these philosophies. Yogi Bhajan, the mastermind behind the company, started teaching yoga in American in 1969, and shortly thereafter introduced a spiced tea to his students. Both went together so perfectly.

To any tea drinkers out there who are skeptical, I highly recommend taking an introduction to yoga class to experience the powerful effects of the tradition of yoga. Who knows – you may end up enjoying it too!

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