Posted by: Lauren | September 24, 2009

Amanzi Tea

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting NYC. Of course my trip was not complete without some visits to various tea shops! One of my favourite that I discovered was Amanzi Tea. The Amanzi Tea shop offered an amazing selection of tea in a wonderful atmosphere. The store itself has a young, approachable and fun feel. You walk in and can’t help but want to buy a lot of tea (which I of course did). The shop also features a great menu of beverages to enjoy at Amanzi Tea or on the go.

Though I’m not usually a huge fan of Rooibos, I decided to give the Tiramisu flavour a shot ( I absolutely love it!! It has a hint of sweetness that brings out its delicious flavours. I highly recommend this tisane for Rooibos and non-Rooibos lovers alike!

One of my favourite aspects of Amanzi Tea is their “tea made easy” campaign. A legend of categories is displayed (Best Sellers, For Kids, For Weight Loss, Boost Energy, etc.). Each tea then has the corresponding symbols on them. This system is a great aid for first timers.

Although there are only a few locations in the States, Amanzi does ship. Check them out at:


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