Posted by: Lauren | August 14, 2009

Tea for Health

I love when tea makes the news, and recently it seems as though a new study, article or recipe is published on tea almost every day.

On Thursday, evidence was brought forth proving that tea helps in a crisis. At City University London, Dr. Malcolm Cross tested anxiety levels of individuals after a stressful situation. After, individuals were offered either water or tea. Those who had water had anxiety levels that went up after a stressful situation (by 25%), vs. those who had tea had anxiety levels drop (by 4%). (

Though this may be due to the fact that individuals associate tea with less stress, it’s still exciting nonetheless.

As always, keep on drinking that tea and enjoy – rest assured, you’ll most likely be more calm after one cup!


  1. I made the switch from coffee to tea a few months back, and have noticed significant improvements in my health. Many already note the benefits, and these numbers can serve to silence the critics 🙂

    Tea seems to transcend the ages, linking current-day medicine to centuries past when certain leaves and roots were used to cure a multitude of discomforts.

  2. In fact, before tea became popular it was only drank as a medicinal beverage in many countries. For example, The Dutch East India Company initially marketed tea as a medicinal beverage in 1610.

    However, nowadays, we have to be careful not to treat tea as medicinal. Though tea aids in health protection for a variety of ailments, it is not to be seen as a cure. Instead, by drinking a few cups a day – as you have begun to instead of coffee – tea plays a large role in a healthy lifestyle.

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