Posted by: Lauren | August 11, 2009

Toronto Tea Shops

As a Torontonian, I often find myself faced with a dilemma. Although there are some wonderful tea shops in Toronto – such as the growing David’s Tea, Tea Emporium & Teopia, we are still very limited to these shops. I live in the GTA, and it is difficult for me to find any loose leaf teas without coming to the downtown neighbourhood.

I am looking forward to the day where tea becomes as ingrained in North American society as coffee is. Tea has so much to offer, but it’s stigma as a health beverage, consumed only when one is sick, has limited the growth of tea shops in North America. It is evident that tea is growing. New shops keep springing out over Toronto, and I hope they come more North soon as well. I would much prefer to go out for tea with my friends than for the typical coffee venture. Tea, which is considered an afterthought at many the coffee shops – such as Starbucks, & Tim Hortons (both only offer tea bags and no loose leaf) – is always my drink of choice and I find myself limited when going to a coffee shop.

In September I’m going to NYC and I’ve already started researching the tea shops I want to go to. There are SO many to choose from! If any New Yorkers stumble upon here and want to share their favourite tea shops that would be awesome.


  1. I agree, and look forward to the day when there will be good tea EVERYWHERE!

    In the meantime, my fav is hands down tealish, in queen west, check them out if you haven’t already, you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Tealish is one of the few shops I have yet to check out in Toronto, but I definitely will! Thanks!

    DAVIDsTEA is down in Queen West as well and I would also highly recommend it.

  3. At our new in Hamiton, we are trying to change and educate our customers, who seem ready for something new…Thank you for your thoughts. Heidi House

    • That’s fantastic! Next time in Hamilton I will have to stop by!

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