Posted by: Lauren | July 27, 2009

Milk Oolong

I thought I’d begin my blog by sharing one of my favourite teas with you… milk oolong. This tea is delicious – resembling a shortbread cookie.

The story of the tea adds to the wonder of the natural taste. As the story is told, one night a comet passed by a moon, and the moon fell deeply in love. However, the comet disappeared as it burned out. The moon, in her sorrow, caused a wind to pass through the valleys where tea was growing, resulting in an extreme drop of temperature. When the tea was plucked and processed, it was discovered to have a milky characteristic.

Though this story is quite romantic, in actuality, a severe temperature shift causes the milk oolong to get its sweet, milky flavour – creating a delicious oolong tea.

Try it and enjoy!
Milk Oolong

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